• Guide Mayhem through Spottyland killing monsters to gain magic dust for enhanced attack power!
  • Each time you attack a monster your dust goes down. Chain enemies when in the air for extra damage!
  • If a monster hits you, health will pop out: collect it before it disappears. When you lose all your health you lose a life!
  • Watch your time: it counts down. When it gets to zero you will lose a life!
  • Look out for extra lives: they also give you full health!
  • Gates can help you: if you die you will re-appear at the most recent one you activated!
  • Defeat the big boss to progress onto the next level. Watch out: he gets angry!
  • Press P or F12 to pause/resume game.
  • At end of level your progress is saved - Resume Saved continues.
The only official mirror: www.mayhemsmagicdust.com