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Tips for advanced play
All you need to know to become an expert!


50-75 points

my name is Dino

Although he is often just walking around, he can
sometimes be found shooting deadly red stars.

100 points

my name is Flaps

A robust little fella who, if close enough,
will give you a nasty peck.

100-200 points

I'm Blubba

He may seem a little lethargic but makes up
for it with an evil red star spit.
As you progress through the game his
bullets will follow you more and get faster.

"The Big Boss"
500-6000 points

you dare to mess with me? ...grrr!

DANGER!! You have to know your stuff if you
want to mess with this guy!
When you chain attacks on him your attack power
will increase with each consecutive hit.

Red Star Bullets
50 points

Red Star Bullets

If you are careful you can use these to your advantage.
Jump on bullets to get to hard to reach areas.
Jumping on bullets will not break your chain and
will not increase your attack power.


Magic Dust

Magic Dust

These are released from anything you kill.
Each time Mayhem performs a Star Strike 1 bag is used.

Big Magic Dust

Big Magic Dust

Found in certain places throughout Spottyland.
Each bag is worth 10 star strikes.

Extra Life


When collected these will add 1 to your lives remaining.
They also replenish your health and give you an extra mini
heart allowing you to sustain more hits without dieing.
To make the most of health replenishment try and collect
when you have lost most of your mini hearts.

Make the most of your Magic...

Monsters take many more hits to kill if you have no Magic Dust.
When holding Magic Dust Dino takes 1 hit to kill and releases 2 bags of Magic Dust,
Flaps takes 2 hits to kill and releases 1 bag of Magic Dust.
Try and start a chain by attacking Dino first, then if you chain any subsequent attacks to hit Flaps you will kill instantly!

When attacking The Big Boss you must build up the strength of your chain as much as you can.
Landing on the ground or getting hit will break your chain.
CAUTION!! Be careful not to land on his horn or spiky back. You will lose 3 mini hearts.
When destroyed lots of Magic Dust is released. Mayhem has a limited amount of time to collect them for bonus points.

The Trip Attack

The Trip Attack

Timing is everything.
Walk towards a monster then just before you get to it, jump.
As soon as you leave the ground you will get an instant attack!

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